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SF Tidbits for 1/30/09

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  1. I always find the articles about controlling your library to be funny. They all talk about having piles of books you haven’t read yet and you should cull the ones you don’t really have an interest in.  I currently have 5 books in my apartment I haven’t read yet. Two are library books, one of which is an anothology of novellas I am part way through, one is book about Marc Chagall I’m reading a chapter at a time, one I started and wont finish b/c of excessive vulgarity, and one I borrowed from my dad and haven’t gotten to reading yet. Since my personal library is easily over 300 books, I think that’s a pretty good ratio, don’t you? 

    One of the points made in the article is why keeps books you might want to read on hand if you can borrow them from the library? While I do use the library a lot, I like to have a lot of books on hand for the many times I want to read something and the libabry is closed, or I’m sick, or I just don’t want to take the time to go to the library and find it. Also, if they’re part of a series it’s sometimes hard to get the whole thing from the library.

    Two rules I do go by for culling my library are 1) If I haven’t even wanted to read it for 2 years, it’s time to go and 2) Kkeeping a book for appearance’s sake isn’t a good enough reason to hold onto something I don’t read.

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