It’s no secret that I wasn’t crazy about Blade Runner, but it is surprising (to me, at least) that Siskel and Ebert did not see it for the classic that everyone claims it to be.

Here’s their take on the original 1982 version of the film:

And here is their review 10 years later, of the 1992 Director’s Cut:

Ebert stays lukewarm across the years (And rightly so. I’m just sayin’…), but interestingly, Siskel appears to do a complete turnaround. Is this because the film had since been lauded as a classic, I wonder? Or maybe he just didn’t realize Ridley Scott’s a jackass. Either way, I still say the film is overrated. [Ducks for cover…] Ebert called it when he said it was great visuals but little else. My advice: Read the book instead.

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