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At The Trailer Park: Alien Trespass, Goemon, Dead Snow, Planet 51, Hybrid, Land of the Lost, Mutant Chronicles

Remember the good old days of science fiction film when flying saucers were real flying saucers and the aliens just wanted to eat people? R.W Goodwin (X-Files) does and he’s created Alien Trespass, an homage to 1950’s science fiction movies, with Kevin Arnold’s dad as the Sheriff.

So you’ve seen 300 but wondered just what a Japanese version would ook like? Wonder no more, we give you Goemon! Goemon is analogous to Robin Hood, but in this film, it looks like he’s Robin Hood from Time Bandits. But damn, this film looks incredible.

What could be better than a film about a bunch of medical students on a skiing holiday? How about a movie about a bunch of medical students on a skiing holiday who run into Nazi zombies, called Dead Snow? Yeah, that’s better! As you might expect of ‘master race’ zombies, these zombies don’t shamble, they run. Oh, and it’s a tongue-in-cheek send up with bits that feel like Evil Dead.

Planet 51 is a new animated SF comedy from Sony. While it won’t be out until Thanksgiving, you can view the trailer now and wonder just how well it will do in theaters. To me, the best thing about the trailer is the Alien looking dog.

What happens when you re-make Christine for the ‘net generation? You get Hybrid, which is about a living, breathing, shape shifting ‘car’ bent on eating everything in its path. We all know hybrids are good for the environment because they run on electricity instead of oil, but this one is taking the whole idea to a new level, by trying to eat all humans, thus removing man from the picture! I wont look at a Prius the same way again, though that car is in serious need of a shape change. How bad can this movie be? See for yourself.

The beloved 1970’s kids SF show, Land of the Lost is coming to a big screen near you, and a new TV spot was released just for the Super Bowl (in case you missed it). All I have to say is, well, hmm, Sleestak?

Mutant Chronicles, the movie based on the miniature table top game, has released a ‘red band’ trailer, which is full of awesome. What’s a red band trailer? It’s a trailer aimed at the older folk, so you youngin’s and sissies shouldn’t watch!

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  1. I liked Planet 51‘s trailer and I hope it does well.  I enjoy that swap of traditional roles of humans and aliens.  I think it will be fun and I look forward to it.  As for Hybrid, I am thinking that Oded Fehr should have stuck with his role in the Mummy movies.  I also saw the trailer for Land of the Lost last night during the Super Bowl, and I think Will Ferrel is pretty darned funny.  He has one of the best screams of panic I have ever heard…

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