Sunday Cinema: The Lathe of Heaven (1980)

Ursula Le Guin’s excellent book, The Lathe of Heaven, has seen a couple of adaptations. This one, from PBS, aired in 1980 and stars Bruce Davison as George Orr and Kevin Conway as Dr. William Haber.

[Yet another great find from Divers and Sundry!]

2 thoughts on “Sunday Cinema: The Lathe of Heaven (1980)”

  1. I rented this from Netflix last year. It’s not bad for an early 80’s flick. The remake with Lisa Bonet wasn’t as good. But I think it’s worth it to see both.

  2. Not merely produced by PBS, but by Dallas, TX affiliate KERA. Haber’s institute is Dallas City Hall. Lots of local shots. I remember watching this on its original air date on TV here. Good stuff.

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