We’re four episodes into the final 10 of Galactica, and I thought I’d talk a bit about what’s happened so far.

WARNING: Spoilers abound below so don’t read if you haven’t seen any of the new episodes.

First and foremost, it’s become very obvious that the writers know how to write combat scenes. Whether it be ship to ship or person to person, they write very tense, gritty combat. I’ve always like the dogfights in Galactica, and starting with the coup detat episode, “The Oath”, they also show they know how to write close range, shipboard combat as well. The overthrow of Galactica‘s command structure was done extremely well, with all of the tension and confusion such a coup would entail on full display. Even after the successful overthrow, Gaeta and Zarek never could feel in full control of things.

But with the last episode, “Blood on the Scales”, I felt the writers wrapped up the rebellion way to easily. The whole thing just felt rushed, from the ease with which Tigh and the other captured prisoners escaped and stopped Adama’s execution to the rest of the crew on board the Galactica helped take back the ship, I didn’t buy into the swift resolution. And with the inevitable execution of Gaeta and Zarek, I’m not sure what to feel. Zarek was a decent character, conniving and evil, but Gaeta never really did much for me. Yeah, I can see how his actions over the course of the series would lead him to do what he did, but I never really cared, one way or the other, for his character. That’s probably not a good thing. And speaking of not a good thing, I’m not sure there is any one particular character that I really care about. Sure, everyone is in a bad place, but up until now, no one’s been acting too heroic. Maybe that will change.

Even so, I still prefer these last to episodes (except the whiny Baltar) over any of the episodes about the ‘final five’ Cylons. The whole Cylon mythology surrounding these five is just poorly done and obviously not thought out in advance (we know this because Moore himself has said the final five thing was adding during a writers session well into the series run), but rather has been retroactively forced into the story. As such, and given what we know so far, I just don’t get any ‘coolness’ vibes coming from this storyline. Instead I find it boring and unbelievable. Sadly, with the coup over with, we can look forward to 6 more episodes about the ‘final five’.

I’m still going to stick it out though. Six more episodes isn’t too much I don’t think, although I don’t have a ‘feel good’ about how this will all end. I can understand wanting a more ‘realistic’ tone to the series, but ending a relentlessly grim series on a down note won’t sit well with me. I’ve seen people bandy about the ‘best SF show ever’ title for Galactica. For my money, that went out the window during season 2, but I think Galactica should be on that list. Just behind the best of all time, Babylon 5.

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