As pointed out by John C. Wright, the contents of the Jack Vance tribute anthology, Songs of the Dying Earth edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, have been posted.

Check out this stellar line-up:

  1. “The Green Bird” by Kage Baker
  2. “The Good Magician” by Glen Cook
  3. “The Copsy Door” by Terry Dowling
  4. “The Last Golden Thread” by Phyllis Eisenstein
  5. “The Return of the Fire Witch” by Elizabeth Hand
  6. “Grolion of Almery” by Matthew Hughes
  7. “Evillo the Uncunning” by Tanith Lee
  8. “An Incident in Uskvosk” by Elizabeth Moon
  9. “Inescapable” by Mike Resnick
  10. “Sylgarmo’s Proclamation” by Lucius Shepard
  11. “The True Vintage of Erzuine Thale” by Robert Silverberg
  12. “The Guiding Nose of Ulfant Banderoz” by Dan Simmons
  13. “The Final Quest of the Wizard Sarnod” by Jeff VanderMeer
  14. “The Traditions of Karzh” by Paula Volsky
  15. “Caulk the Witch-Chaser” by Liz Williams
  16. “The Lamentably Comical Tragedy (or The Laughably Tragic Comedy) of Lixal Laqavee” by Tad Williams
  17. “Abrizonde” by Walter Jon Williams
  18. “Guyal the Curator” by John C. Wright
  19. “A Night at the Tarn House” by George R.R. Martin
  20. “Frogskin Cap” by Howard Waldrop
  21. “An Invocation of Curiousity” by Neil Gaiman

This behemoth, expected in August but available now for pre-order, clocks in at 670 pages!

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