One of the better JRPGs available for the Xbox 360 is Blue Dragon. What you might not expect is that Blue Dragon did well enough to merit its own anime show, which is now available for download from iTunes. The comments make it look bad…
  • Everyone’s favorite astronaut and all around cool guy, Buck Rogers, will be returning to the realm of comic books this May with Issue #0 (as every computer person will tell, numbers actually start at 0). The first issue from Dynamite Entertainment will retail for the low, low price of 25 cents. Now that’s a bargain.
  • In a cost cutting move, the J.J. Abrams show, Fringe will be moving production to Vancouver instead of New York. Does this mean there will be a Season 2? I don’t think you’d announce a move unless you’re actually planning to shoot there, so I think so.
  • Fans of science fiction British style should have fun this season, as BBC Radio is going all out with several new SF shows. I’m not sure if their streaming player will work here across the pond (well, with a browser in its native state), but I’m going to try as the shows sound promising.
  • From the ‘WTF? Files’, we learn that William Shatner wants to be Prime Minister of Canada. I guess he needs something to do now that Boston Legal is winding down? Of course, the tone is suggestive that Shatner is actually having a laugh. But still, how could Canadians not want a PM who took on, and defeated, the evil Khan?
  • Nastra & Damus give us their list of the top 10 Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. It’s a pretty good list just because Trumpy and the Pod People are on it. Someone needs to do a top 10 MST3K short films list. Mr. B Natural FTW!

    I miss MST3K, the good years (which was most of them). Sniff.

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