Video: Why Dan Simmons Wrote Drood

Suvudu has a series of videos featuring Dan Simmons talking about Charles Dickens and his latest book, Drood. I’ve taken it upon my geeky self to assemble all 7 parts into a playlist, shown here for your enjoyment. Just sit back and each part will play automatically.

Great stuff.

OK now, JP, hurry up and finish it! :)

4 thoughts on “Video: Why Dan Simmons Wrote Drood”

  1. I decided to be brutal and read The Terror and Drood back to back. Loved Drood, my review is here.I added the spectacular John Picacio cover pic as well.

    I haven’t posted one on The Terrot yet, cause I am still cogitating over it…which is one of the reasons I like Simmons’ books, no matter how long.

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