Where the Wild Things Are is the latest a much loved children’s book to get the big screen treatment. As we’ve seen from the various Dr. Suess books, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Does Wild Things have a story that can be blown up into a feature film? I don’t think so. It’s perfect as a book, not so much for the movies.

Mutant Chronicles opens next month and I like what I’ve seen from the trailers. Tim has cautioned, however, that several major liberties with the original game backstory have been taken for the film that have him concerned. It still looks good though.

Astro Boy is the big screen version of the Japanese anime of the same name. With the first trailer, I was unsure whether the 3d CGI world was a good fit. After watching the new trailer, it’s growing on me.

The Star Trek hype-train keeps rolling down the tracks. The latest being the new Star Trek TV spot, which gives us a tiny bit more than the previous trailers. I still say it doesn’t ‘feel’ like Trek, rather Hollywood’s version of what they think Trek is: explosions.

The Astronomer’s Dream is a new animated film from Malcolm Sutherland. I’m not really sure of much else other than the fact that I really like how this looks. [via Drawn!]

Blood: The Last Vampire was originally a short anime film but is now a live-action movie. It will hit Japan and the UK before coming to the US in the sometime future. It involves a US Army camp in Tokyo in 1948, blood and a vampire. The original anime I found to be short on story, but long on action. This looks to be action-oriented as well.

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