Books Received: March 30, 2009

Here are the books we received this past week.

9 thoughts on “Books Received: March 30, 2009”

  1. Paul, yeah, I’m a big Turtledove fan, and a big fan of Ancient Rome history. That one looks great. And I love the crotchety tone of the title. You expect “Dag-nabbitus!” to follow it. Well, I do.

    Angry Robot needs a cover artist, clearly. :)

  2. I figured. Or at least hoped. :)

    And I didn’t see it last time I looked, but Martin Millar! He wrote “Good Faeries of New York” and, I think, “Lonely Werewolf Girl.” I read Good Faeries of New York, and it was fantastic. And reading the description of this one, you realize that “madcap” and “insane” don’t actually do justice to Millar.


  3. Placeholders – okay, that makes sense.  For a minute, I thought “Okay, Angry Robot seems to be going for that Book Noir look. I can dig it.”  :D

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