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Game Bits: Stargate Worlds, World of Warcraft, Fallen Earth, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Blacklight, LEGO

It’s been awhile, but I found some rather interesting SF-ish game related stuff for you today.

  • The ‘supposedly upcoming but probably having cash flow problems’ MMO Stargate Worlds seems to be still on the development train. The MMO site Massively managed to grab a couple of screenshots of the high end armor that will be available in-game for the teeming hordes who can devote untold days to playing the game. Still, even though I’m not a fan of the TV shows, this is an MMO I would definitely try out.
  • Even more exciting, many gamers’ drink of choice, Mountain Dew, is teaming up with the MMO juggernaut World of Warcraft and will release two new WoW flavored beverages. They will be “Wild Fruit” Alliance Blue and “Citrus Cherry” flavored Horde Red. Because nothing says “For the Horde!” more than citrus cherry. That and an axe to the head.
  • It must be MMO week around here. If you’ve played the Falloutseries, you probably loves you some post-apocalyptic game play. You’ll be glad to know that Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic MMO currently in development. Even better, the devs for the game took some time out to answer questions from players. Sounds rather interesting to me, but will there be a large enough audience for this one to succeed? Especially if the rumors of a Fallout MMO are true…
  • The one MMO I’m frothing at the mouth to play, Star Wars: The Old Repbulic, has created a web comic detailing some of the back story for the game. Issues 1 and 2 are live with several more to come. I’ll be all over this one when it comes it, before if possible.
  • Now here’s something you don’t see everyday: Blacklight, a new, distant future FPS (that isn’t released yet) has already inked a deal with Fox Atomic Studios to release a movie and comic based on the game. Wow, they’d better hope this game doesn’t tank on release.
  • And now the coolest video you’ll see today involving LEGO and ‘augmented reality’. Designer Frantz Lasorne has put his tech know how to good use, developing this really cool system using head-mounted video projection glasses and LEGOs to create a proto-type augmented reality game. The possibilities are just mind blowing, and that’s just for miniature games.
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