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GIVEAWAY: Monsters vs. Aliens Prize Pack

SF Signal has 5 Monsters vs. Aliens prize packs to give away to five lucky readers.

Each prize pack contains:

  • Monsters Vs. Aliens: The Official Movie Adaptation – Susan Murphy is having a bad wedding day. After being struck by a rock from space, she mysteriously grows to become the 49-feet-11-inches tall Ginormica. However, Susan’s not the only monster — as a secret government compound full of them can attest! And when a malicious alien robot named Gallaxhar lands on Earth, General W.R. Monger must send a motley crew into action to save the world! This is the official graphic novel adaptation of the movie that features the voice talents of Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland, Hugh Laurie and Seth Rogen!
  • Monsters Vs. Aliens: The “M” Files – From the studio that brought you the smash-hit movies Shrek and Madagascar comes Monsters Vs. Aliens, a story about the world’s most extraordinary saviours! Not all monsters are evil! The “M” Files features two original tales of Susan “Ginormica” Murphy, Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D., The Missing Link, B.O.B. and Insectosaurus! In The “M” Files, take a trip to Area 51 to discover the true origins of our wily gang of monsters! And in ‘Brain Pain’, Dr Cockroach attempts a brain transfer… with hilarious results!

For a chance to win a prize pack, follow these simple steps:

  1. Send an email to contest at sfsignal dot com (that’s us).
  2. In the subject line enter ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’.
  3. Please include your postal address so the prize can be shipped out immediately when the contest is over. This contest is open to U.S. residents only.
  4. Only one entry per person allowed.
  5. The contest will end Friday, April 3rd 2009 (11:59 PM U.S Central time). 5 winners will be selected at random, notified and announced shortly thereafter.

Good luck!

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