George R.R. Martin has posted the table of contents for Warriors, a military-themed cross-genre anthology he co-edited with Gardner Dozois:

  1. “The King of Norway” by Cecilia Holland
  2. “Forever Bound” by Joe Haldeman
  3. “The Triumph” by Robin Hobb
  4. “Clean Slate” by Lawrence Block
  5. “And Ministers of Grace” by Tad Williams
  6. “Soldierin'” by Joe Lansdale
  7. “Dirae” by Peter S. Beagle
  8. “The Eagle and the Rabbit” by Steven Saylor
  9. “Seven Years from Home” by Naomi Novik
  10. “The Custom of the Army” by Diana Gabaldon
  11. “The Pit” by James Rollins
  12. “Out of the Dark” by David Weber
  13. “The Girls from Avenger” by Carrie Vaughn
  14. “Ancient Ways” by S.M. Stirling
  15. “Ninieslando” by Howard Waldrop
  16. “Recidivist” by Gardner Dozois
  17. “My Name is Legion” by David Morrell
  18. “Defenders of the Frontier” by Robert Silverberg
  19. “The Scroll” by David Ball
  20. “The Mystery Knight” by George R.R. Martin

There’s also an introduction, Stories from the Spinner Rack, written by Martin.

[via Grasping for the Wind]

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