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Tube Bits For 03/20/2009

  • Robert Carlyle is starring in the upcoming Sci Fi, sorry, SyFy series Stargate Universe. Sci Fi Wire (shouldn’t that be SyFyWyre now?) interviews Carlyle who says the new show will be more character centric and feature less aliens. Since the premise of the show is a group of humans stuck on an Ancient ship traveling the galaxy and visiting new worlds, they’ll have to explain why most of the ‘aliens’ are human looking. Which could be an interesting overarching story line. Somebody get Scalzi on the phone!
  • Galactica‘s last hurrah is tonight, but with Caprica on the horizon, fans of BG still have something to look forward to. Amazon’s Armchair Commentary has an exclusive clip if you’d like to get a peek at the show.
  • Joss Whedon had a con call with journalists this past Wednesday about his new show Dollhouse. Reading between the lines it seems that the Dollhouse we have is not the Dollhouse he wanted. Due to Fox meddling I’m sure. Sadly, I don’t find Dollhouse to be in the same league as Firefly and I haven’t watched more than the first two. Another Whedon creation doomed to an early failure…
  • Just in case any of you LOSTies want to dress up as a Dharma Initiative employee for Halloween (or anytime), Doc Arzt has some ideas on how to create your own. Screw that, I’m going to build a ‘frozen donkey wheel’ in my garage the trick or treaters will have to turn before they got any candy.
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