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Tube Bits For 03/30/2009

  • Many people didn’t like the way Galactica ended, but Ron Moore kicked around a somewhat different ending that involved the Galactica herself, on Earth (2). That’s right, the idea was that ancient mounds in Central America would turn out to be the remains of the Galactica, buried after 150000 years. So I ask you: Would that have been a better ending? I’m not sure.
  • Maybe you’re one of the few who really miss Galactica. If so, Fidget (Sci Fi’s gaming blog) lists 10 games to help you get over Galactica. Phoenix Wright? Seriously? That one is a stretch, but there are a couple of good ones there.
  • It’s not just SyFy that is apparently turning its back on the core audience. Cartoon Network seems to be as well, debuting six new live action reality TV series, plus a partnership with the NBA, for its upcoming season. Once upon a time, CN showed quite a bit of anime during a late night block. Sadly, that has been going away over the years, with the reality (heh heh) being that something more is needed to make a profit. The more I see this happen, the more I’m convinced that the Internet will be the future for niche audiences.
  • Hulu is an awesome repository of almost all things TV, both new and old. However, there is a distinct lack of LOST and other ABC/Disney shows. That may be changing as ABC/Disney appear to be in talks to add their TV shows to Hulu. If so, Hulu becomes that much more awesomer.
  • Speaking of a, the orginal Knight Rider is now available for your viewing pleasure on NBC and Hulu. Since we all know how cranky John get’s without his morning Hoff, here’s the pilot:
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  1. The NBA?  Seriously?  I mean, I’ve noticed that various live-action stuff they’ve put out, but at least it was sufficiently weird/computer-adjusted (eg. Pee Wee & Time and Eric), but basketball . . . .  sigh.

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