Another reader writes in with a story description looking for a title. Do any of our readers out there know the title of this story?

Theme: Bard saves the earth

HELP – I’m looking for Title and Author of 1950’s short story…

Story-line: – Earth is finally dying after colonizing the stars; polluted water, exhausted air, and diminishing resources spell Earth’s death. Earth’s Supreme Council sends VIP ambassadors to every colony with massive amounts of data and detailed plans to beg, plead for resources/money to [rejuvenate] earth. With only one ship left to send and no more VIPs, earth’s council as an afterthought sends a Bard as a “Forelorn Hope” All VIPs return empty handed having utterly failed with all their diagrams plans etc to convince anyone that the home planet is worth saving. The Bard also returns apparently empty handed and when the council asks him what he did he simply replies. “I didn’t bother trying to convince anyone, I just sang the old songs, told the old stories and myths and reminded them about the green hills of earth”. The council, furious with his wasted effort, is about to disband in [despair] when in rushes a messenger saying that

thousands upon thousands of space ships are earthbound to [rejuvenate] the home planet – because they heard the old songs and stories and were reminded of home.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Niela M.

How about it, dear SF Signal reader…can you name this story?

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