RIP :Tom Deitz

Sad news via SF Site

Author Tom Deitz has passed away.

Deitz was the author of the Soulsmith Trilogy (Soulsmith, Dreambuilder, and Wordwright) and also Windmaster’s Bane, Fireshaper’s Doom, Darkthunder’s Way, Sunshaker’s War, Stoneskin’s Revenge, and The Gryphon King. Deitz contributed to the fanzine Aphelion in the 1970s and to APA MOTiVE in the 1990s.

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4 thoughts on “RIP :Tom Deitz”

  1. Strange, I was just going over some of Tom Deitz book covers at Fantastic Fiction yesterday. Was he related to William C. Deitz?

  2. William spells his last name Dietz, so I  don’t think there is a relationship.  Also one was from the south, the other from the Pacific Northwest.

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