Book Cover Smackdown! Desolation Road vs. Leviathan (UK version)

More cool covers. Yes, we’ve covered Leviathan before, but this is a shiny new cover for the UK version…

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it): Tell us which cover you like best and why. Go!

Books shown here:

NOTE: Click on the book images or title links to access bigger & better versions of the cover art…

9 thoughts on “Book Cover Smackdown! Desolation Road vs. Leviathan (UK version)”

  1. Ooo, I love these book cover smackdowns! “Desolation Road” natch. The tones, that gorgeous, gorgeous mega-train that just oozes personality of its own. In fact, everything about the cover, down to the range of typefaces used on front and back, is beautiful. “Leviathan”? Well, when I first glanced at it, it reminded me of a berserker mechano-pimple, bursting forth from a chasm-ridden face of some sort. (But that could just be me.) For once, I prefer the US Leviathan cover.

  2. Desolation Road, without question. That’s pretty enough to be art.


    The Westerfield cover looks like a rejected cover for a Mechwarrior spinoff.

  3. Desolation Road by martiniere!


    Gorgeous, both as art & a front cover! The colours, the train, the smoke, the sky. Even the type.

  4. Both wonderful! But Desolation Road really looks like a world I want to visit – the cover goes for beauty as well as otherworldliness. Great stuff.

  5. That maybe the most beautiful Martiniere cover yet. The Leviathan cover is pretty good,but I like the US cover better.

  6. Desolation Road! Since I havent read the book I can not comment on how the cover conveys the setting, but it definitely conveys great feeling.

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