Marc Gascoigne from Angry Robot wrote in to tell us about this interesting statistic gleaned by Tech Crunch from the recent launch of the super size Kindle DX:

The most startling thing Jeff Bezos said today at Amazon’s launch of the Kindle DX, it’s large-format Kindle optimized for textbooks and newspapers, was this statistic: For books that are available on the Kindle, sales are already 35 percent of the same books in print, up from 13 percent just a few months ago. In other words, if a paper book sells 10,000 copies on Amazon, it will sell an additional 3,500 digital copies on the Kindle. Let me repeat that, digital books via the Kindle are selling at 35 percent the level of physical books 18 months after launch.

That is an amazing ramp up.

So, is the eBook finally revolution upon us?

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