People ask why I use Twitter. Here’s one reason:

A couple of days ago, writer/blogger Shaun Duke was looking for a rant topic. A few tweets later, and his task morphed into writing a 300-word steampunk cat manga detective story. The result was surprisingly good.

I cannot let dedicated efforts go unnoticed. So here’s my review:

REVIEW: “Catnip Pete and the Case of the Naruto Blanco” by Shaun Duke.

The cat detective protagonist (Purr-tagonist?) in Shaun Duke’s “Catnip Pete and the Case of the Naruto Blanco” must track down the missing manga of his owner. Who is the culprit? A 300-word mystery doesn’t leave a lot of room to stretch out the ideas the author takes on, but given the space requirement, he succeeds winningly. A refreshing blend of mystery and humor highlight this story, though I could have used a touch more steampunk. (Maybe a doggie automaton antagonist?) Even so, this is an entertaining treat that elicited a few chuckles along the way.

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