The Difference Between Male & Female SF & Fantasy Writers

After brief introductions, SF/F authors Jaine Fenn, Alex Bell, Suzanne McLeod, Joe Abercrombie, Richard Morgan and Alastair Reynolds discuss the difference between female and male SF & Fantasy writers.

[via SFX Magazine]

5 thoughts on “The Difference Between Male & Female SF & Fantasy Writers”

  1. Cool to see some of those guys discussing stuff.  Steel Remains was interesting, but I really hope Morgan steers his way back to the science fiction side of things. 

    And… Alex Bell.   Just thought I’d mention her :)

  2. Ha ha, best sf bar conversation of the year. Richard Morgan seems like a perfectly nice and witty chap, but I’ve read almost all his books and let me tell you, that man scares me.

  3. I LOVE this. Yes, I will steal it too. How fun to see some of my favorite authors on video. 

  4. I can understand that the humorous topsy-turvy perspectives in this video meant that each group had to be “guided” in some way (the women to explosions, the men to feelings), but I still question why they are sitting separately? It’s like two different tribes separated by an invisible wall. That, to me, is the most interesting — and disturbing — thing about the video. (And they’re all from the same publishing house, you say?) Personally, I like my men interactive … and within arm’s reach!

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