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Top 15 SF Signal Posts for April 2009

In case you missed them, here are The Top 15 SF Signal Posts for April 2009:

  1. MIND MELD: If We Ran Battlestar Galactica
  2. MIND MELD: The Forgotten Books of SF/F/H
  3. Book Cover Smackdown! Berserker Lord vs. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms vs. The Revolution Business
  4. Book Cover Smackdown! Terra Insegura vs. Haze vs. Boneshaker
  5. MIND MELD: The Best Women Writers in SF/F
  6. MIND MELD: The Tricky Trope of Time Travel
  7. MIND MELD: Gods by the Bushel
  8. Reader Challenge: Books You’d Like To Read Again, For The First Time
  9. REVIEW: 2008 Nebula Award Short Fiction Nominees
  10. REVIEW: Krod Mandoon (Series Premiere)
  11. Book Cover Smackdown! Salamander vs. The Quiet War
  12. What’s an eBook Worth?
  13. Batman vs The Terminator
  14. MEME: Paul McAuley’s List of Essential SF Titles
  15. Indiana Jones and The Final Frontier
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