• On July 7th you’ll be able to purchase the complete Moon Machines miniseries on DVD. This series originally aired on The Science Channel focuses on ” the efforts of the 400,000 people who created the equipment used to achieve the lunar landings”. If you’re like me, you loves you some space hardware and this series has a ton of it. Just check out that Saturn V, just like the one resting on its side down at the Johnson Space Center.
  • If you’ve got a bunch of old TV shows or movies on DVD that you want to get rid off but don’t really know what to do with them, Amazon is here to help. They just launched the beta for their Movie and TV Trade-In store where you can get Amazon gift cards for your unwanted Movies and TV shows on DVD. Right now the SF pickings are exceptionally slim: Firefly the series will net you a $10 gift card, but who would trade that in? Expect to see the store fill out in the coming months.
  • In July, Sci Fi will debut the new series Warehouse 13. The guys over at The Sci Fi Cast have posted a Warehouse 13 primer to get you up to speed on the show. I agree there is a lot of potential here based on what could be in the warehouse, but I was less than impressed with the trailer.
  • Annie Nau rants about people who feel their SF TV shows is the best evah! and look down on those who haven’t seen all the episodes or who fell other shows are better. She is quite correct, it’s all a matter of taste. Which is why I am not a fan of Stargate and think LOST is the best SF show on TV right now! Ahahahahahahaha!
  • You may think the upcoming TV series Flash Forward is based on science fiction. Ah, but UFO Digest explores the possibility there is current knowledge to support the idea of warped time and consciousness.
  • BBC America will be debuting a new series, Being Human, on July 25th. This new series explores the lives of three twentysomethings as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. Although, if you’re a ghost, can you really be said to have a ‘life’? Any of our UK friends care to comment on this show?
  • Dr. Who is a busy guy lately. Not only will the eponymous Doctor be appearing in an animated series, he’ll also be featured in 12 episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures and possibly in a big screen movie! Although there may be yet another Doctor for the big screen adaptation.

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