Last week we asked if a successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise was a good thing. After another $40+ million added to Paramount’s coffers, I think it’s safe to assume that the new movie is a hit with both fans and non-fans alike, which is a good thing. We know that a sequel as already been greenlit for production, but the writing team hasn’t begun writing yet. But! Slashfilm let’s us know that, according Abrams, William Shatner and Khan!! are possibilities for the sequel. To which the only appropriate answer is “Khaaan!!!“.

For my money, which Paramount wants, I don’t want to see a rebooted WoK or even William Shatner. Abrams has a shiny new alternate reality timeline to work with, why not do something new? Something cool, unique and different. And I don’t even want to see the Borg, although it’s probable they exist in the new reality. I want something we haven’t seen from Star Trek in a long time: a sense of adventure and discovery, and not the tired old ‘particle of the week’ or overused time-travel (yes, the movie has this, sort of) episodes. Hire some science fiction writers as consultants and let the imaginations run wild. Please.

What would you like to see from the new Star Trek?

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