Guardian is reporting that science fiction author Alastair Reynolds has landed a scored an unprecedented 10-year, 10-book deal from Gollancz for his ‘mean line in alien cultures and technology':

As banks struggle and businesses collapse, the science fiction writer Alastair Reynolds is making his own contribution to the flagging UK economy, signing an unprecedented ten-book deal with Gollancz worth £1m.

Reynolds, who has published eight novels with the Orion imprint Gollancz since his 2000 debut, Revelation Space, said he was “amazed and thrilled” to commit himself to the same publisher for the next decade. “It gives me a huge amount of security for the next ten years,” he said, “and writers don’t have a lot of security. Even at the best of times you’re worrying about the next deadline, the next contract. To have that in place is fantastic for me.”

He has always struggled to write when his future has been uncertain, he continued, so he’s delighted to be able to start “thinking strategically … not just thinking one book ahead, but ‘where do I want to be in four books?'”

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Congratulations, Al!

[via NextRead]

UPDATE: Guardian has an interview with Alastair Reynolds: “‘I don’t like a lot of what’s published as hard SF,’ he says. ‘Much of it is rightwing, reactionary crap.’ Hard SF’s insistence on abiding by the laws of contemporary physics is more than just a straitjacket, he continues – it’s also unrealistic.” [via Cheryl’s Mewsings]

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