At The Trailer Park: Surrogates, 77, Blood: The Last Vampire

Surrogates (9/25/2009)

What do you get when you mix Bruce Willis and remotely mine controlled androids? Why a Bruce Willis robot with a rug that would do Shatner proud! Other thoughts that occur to me: Why oh why are they still using Chinook helicopters in the future? Where’s the hover cars? And, I guess we know what happened to the FBI guy from Sarah Connor Chronicle. Still, anything SF-ish with Bruce Willis is an auto watch for me.


77 is the autobiographical account of director Patrick Read Johnson’s early years and how a little year called 1977 changed his life (think Star Wars). It actually looks quite good and I certainly understand the feeling of being a ‘geek’ in the late ’70s. It’s sure to re-open the whole ‘which would win in a battle against each other: the Enterprise or the Death Star’ holy war once again. [via Sci fi Cool]

Blood The Last Vampire

Blood is the live action remake of the anime of the same name. Set in Japan on an American military base during the 1970’s, it’s the story of vampires and the girl who hunts them. Below is the first 5 minutes of the film, and I’d like to see more, even if the acting is iffy. Warning: There will be blood in this clip, and those with squeamish stomachs or weak constitutions should not watch. Seriously.

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