RIP: Michael Jackson

You know the saying, bad news comes in threes, and this week is no exception with the passing of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and now Michael Jackson. Whatever you may think of Jackson, his influence on music can’t be denied. I did indeed purchase one and only one of his records, Thriller, specifically for that song and while I was never huge MJ fan, I did find the occasional song of his to be entertaining.

I thought we’d take a look back at a couple of his genre related videos made during the ’80’s: Captain Eo and Thriller.

And part 2:

And finally, the greatest zombie music video ever with added Vincent Price bonus, Thriller!

4 thoughts on “RIP: Michael Jackson”

  1. <i>Whatever you may think of Jackson…I was never huge MJ fan…I did find the occasional song of his to be entertaining.</i>

    If you’re going to qualify a post so heavily, why even bother? ;)

  2. I was a Michael Jackson fan for awhile, and even when not, was a lot more ambivalent about him than other people seemed to be. I was talking to friends just this morning, we were wondering who the third celebrity after Ed McMahon and Fawcett would be. And I was really shocked when my Dad told me, over a picnic, that it was Michael Jackson. I really didn’t see that coming. And I’m sorry to see him go, I find.

    And he was only fifty.

    When someone goes at that sort of age, it puts me into a workaholic mode for days. That is just too young. Too damn young.


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