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We have two bits of 9 goodness for you. First, the international trailer:

This movie just looks incredible. Here’s a clip from the movie featuring the Stitchpunk Beings being attacked by “The Winged Beast.”

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Planet 51

This Thanksgiving, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is…an alien! Looks a bit too kiddy for me, although the alien ‘dog’ looking like an ‘Alien’ is sweet.

Sherlock Holmes

I’m not sure I like turning Sherlock Holmes into a Victorian Era James Bond. I’d be more accepting if it were some new character in that role, but then again, new and Hollywood don’t go together. Not when Holmes has a huge name value. Of course, adding a supposed ‘vampire’ to the mix can’t hurt, right?

Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

First, really long name guys, a little shorter next time. Second, I’ve never read the books, but our own Tim says they are good and his son devours them (not literally, Tim does occasionally feed his son). Third, if riding up to the top of the Empire State Building means actually ending up on Mt. Olympus, I’d be more willing to go to New York. Here’s the teaser:

District 9

From Peter Jackson and director Neill Blomkamp, this is the full length trailer for District 9, Blomkamp’s feature length adaptation of his own short film, Alive in Joburg. This certainly looks interesting, with an Alien Nation vibe to it, only with more mechs and less Mandy Patinkin.

Aliens In The Attic & Kung Fu Grandma

Well, I can’t really say more than what the titles already say, except that Aliens has Ashley Tisdale. Those of you who have never seen High School Musical (thank your lucky stars) probably have no idea who that is, and that’s okay. Although, I’d take a Kung Fu Grandma.

Robo Geisha

You can always count on Japantor to find the crazy Japanese film trailers, and this one is no exception. Check out Robo Geisha! OMG! One of the most disturbing yet funny trailers I’ve seen in a long time. This deserves a big WARNING: Graphic and disturbing scenes will be show in the following trailer. If you don’t like blood, even fake, do not watch. In fact, if you are sane at all, you may consider not watching, just to be safe. Ah, you crazy Japanese. What would we do without you?

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