Doctor Who: ‘The Waters of Mars’

I’m jonesin’ for some Doctor Who! Airing this week…

5 thoughts on “Doctor Who: ‘The Waters of Mars’”

  1. Seems very reminiscent of the X files episode ‘AGUA MALA’. I’ve enjoyed a lot of Who over the last few years but there seem to be hardly any episodes which aren’t very similar to something that has gone before. Perhaps “blink” is it.

  2. I always try to say intelligent things when I see bits of Doctor Who, but all that ever comes out is “DOCTORWHODOCTORWHODOCTORWHO!!!!” and, occasionally, in the dead of night, “Squeee!”

    I’m ashamed of my illness.

    But not TOO ashamed. :)

    Even when it IS reminiscent, I almost always find myself preferring the Doctor Who versions. I’ll have that X-Files comparison in my head…but on the basis of what I’ve seen previously of Doctor Who, and having watched an awful lot of X-Files with my wife, I have to say that I think Doctor Who has more heart.


  3. *frowns* I can’t find anywhere where it says this is airing this week. What runes have you been casting, John?

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