Description: O’Neill and the SG-1 team travel through the stargate to Chartago where Teal’C is recognized as once having been head Jaffa to Apophis. He’s arrested for murder and put on trial for his life. Can the SG-1 team save him?

Don’t you hate it when the things you’ve done in your past catch up with you? Teal’c certainly does in this episode. Being First Prime of Apophis certainly has its perks, but being ‘tried’ for murder after turning on Apophis and actively working against him isn’t of them.

Once again the ‘aliens’ can speak English very well. Yes yes, I know the justifications, they really fall flat: the Goa’uld ensure all their subjects can speak modern English, from a planet that’s been cut off from the network for 2000 years? Still, it makes it easy to communicate.

One really nice piece of development we encounter here is Teal’c’s obviously deep seated guilt over the things he had to do while First Prime. So much so that he’s ready to die, to give up everything he’s done to make things right, to atone for his previous actions. Only the timely intervention of the Jaffa allows Teal’c to show how much he’s changed. Plus we get to see O’Neill knife a Jaffa. All in all, another rather decent episode.

Best Lines:

[The natives return to the village after realizing SG-1 aren’t Goa’ulds]

Jackson – “That’s interesting, I wonder if everyone is coming from some religious event?”

O’Neill – “Why does it always have to be a religious thing with you? Maybe they’re coming from a swap meet.”

[Facing his accuser after taking a shot from a staff weapon]

Hanno – “You would save those who wish to kill you?”

Teal’c – “I would save those who deserve to live.”

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