Description: Teal’C’s mentor, Bra’tac arrives unexpectedly through the Stargate with shocking news: the Goa’uld Apophis survived the destruction of his ship and has now kidnapped Teal’C’s son, Rya’C.

Short and sweet tonight since I’m tired. Apophis isn’t dead, apparently he can survive a spaceship blowing up. The throwaway line explaining how he survived is just so ridiculous I can’t believe it. We see Daniel gate out jut seconds before the ship explodes and we’re supposed to believe there was enough time left for Apophis to transport over, re-dial the gate and pop on out? Please.

The idea of using Teal’c’s family against him is a good one, but of course his best friend turns on him. While that may be somewhat believable, it’s terribly cliched. Again. At least they deal with the family thing once and for all. Hooray for electro-shock therapy! That’s some tough lovin’ right there.

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