Description: While exploring a now-dead planet, O’Neill and the SG-1 team find an orb that sends out electromagnetic signals. They think it is a time capsule of some sort and are intrigued by its power source, which seems to have lasted for millennia.

The mystery of the orb is the one interesting thing here and when we find out what it is, it’s rather anti-climactic. And why the addition of the guy with a crush on Carter? There’s not enough emotional heft here with O’Neill’s predicament that they had to add in some random guy we’ve never seen before (and don’t really care about) for Sam to worry over? Sure he shows up in later episodes, but for this episode, this subplot just seemed terribly extraneous.

Oh, and that pesky auto destruct, just laying around waiting to be hijacked by any random alien virus-like entity. Why did they set if three hours? Why not blow the mountain up immediately? That’s what I’d do if I were an alien virus.

This is a semi-interesting episode, but with major annoyances for me.

Best Lines:

[Discussing how long the artifact may have been operating]

Carter – “If Daniel’s right, this artifact has been doing this since Neanderthals were still a dominant species on Earth.”

Jack O’Neill – “Ah, that takes me back.”

[Discussing what the orb may actually be.]

Carter – “You think it might be a booby trap?”

Teal’c – “Booby?”

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