Description: When a planned ambush goes wrong, resulting in fatalities among the SG-1 team, the peace-loving Nox restore them to life. But while these gentle people can bring back the dead, can the Nox resist the deadly technology of the Goa’uld?

SG-1 heads off on a quest to capture a creature that can make itself invisible and all to satisfy a smug bureaucrat. This one mission is entirely at odds with the ones that have come before, which were much more in the ‘exploratory’ mode. And even if SGC wasn’t bringing back any useful military technology, it’s still a tremendous advantage to have and I don’t see the government ever wanting to shut it down.

But of course all of this is just to setup the moral that ‘looks can be deceiving’, as if we didn’t know that already. And oh look! Apophis and the Goa’uld just happen to be there hunting the creature as well. Again, they’re just there to demonstrate how advanced the Nox truly are (nice ambush guys, don’t they teach marksmanship in the Air Force?).

And other than that, I really have nothing else to say about this episode, its kind of slow and dull, although the Nox will reappear in the future so good job on the continuity front there guys.

Best Lines:

[After waking up from being dead]

O’Neill – “What the….hell was that? Wasn’t I just…”

Carter – “Killed.”

O’Neill – “Killed. As in?”

Carter – “Dead.”

O’Neill – “Dead. Okay.”


O’Neill – “Nothing like coming back from the dead to build up an appetite.”

[A Nox and Jackson talking about aging.]

Nox – “Then I am 432 years old.”

Jackson – “Well, you look great!”

Nox – “…Thank you.”

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