REVIEW SUMMARY: Bruce Campbell laughs at himself, his fans, and the camp movie industry he is very much a part of with this silly spoof of cult horror films.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: What do you do if you’re a small mining town in Oregon plauged by a demon? You kidnap Bruce Campbell – believing he is the character he has portrayed in his films – and get him to fight for you. Duh…


PROS: Lots of very funny moments, call-backs to Bruce’s other movies, pokes fun at Bruce’s fans

CONS: Non-Campbell fans should probably avoid it. Numerous in-jokes that won’t be funny for many. Some of the dialog isn’t as strong as it could be.

BOTTOM LINE: Very worth watching if you’re a Bruce Campbell fan.

I first heard about this movie about a year and a half ago and thought it sounded funny, but didn’t hear much about it again. It turns out I wasn’t alone – the movie was shown at various film festivals starting in 2007 (which generated some buzz) but wasn’t shown theatrically until late 2008. Even then, it was released to very few theatres (despite selling out the Alamo Draft House in Austin in less than 2 minutes) before going to DVD earlier this year. It showed up on Netflix ‘Watch Instantly’ streaming service this past week.

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