As I’ve done before, here are my quick takes on the genre-related films I’ve watched in the last several weeks…

  1. Sin City (2005) – Excellent stories, great characters, fantastic visuals and total immersion.
  2. Race to Witch Mountain (2009) – Well whaddya know? It wasn’t horrible.
  3. Inkheart (2008) – Suprisingly engaging and enjoyable.
  4. District 9 (2009) – There was a lot to like about this film, which was a tasty blend of cognitive dissonance and engrossing action. I liked that it was non-America centric and featured no movie stars.
  5. Steamboy (2004) – A very slow start, but once it got to the steampunk warfare scenes…that was some cool stuff.
  6. The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) – The SciFi classic that exhibits an excellent use of metaphor, reflects the science fiction and the society of its time, and is a great story in its own right. The Blu-Ray version features some awesome extras – including a documentary that features appearances by David G. Hartwell and Charles N. Brown.
  7. Alien Trespass (2009) – I had high hopes for this film, but as homage to SciFi films of the 50’s, it was totally uninteresting. And as a parody, it was just unfunny. Either way, it was thoroughly boring.

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