Description: An indiscretion threatens Earth’s relations with its allies.

The ‘indiscretion’ in question here is O’Neill’s stealing of a Tollan device to disable weapons. The very first thing that happens, though, is that SG-1 is trying to negotiate to get Tollan technology but they are flatly refused. Jack then goes off the deep end and steals the device in question. I’m sorry, but O’Neill’s actions here seem totally out of character for him. I just don’t see him ever doing something like this. Not off to a good start. Although, I wouldn’t put it past the writers to have ‘introduced’ some sort of mind control at work on O’Neill.

As a consequence, Jack is forced into early retirement. Of course, being in the middle of season 3, I can’t wait to see what rabbit the writers pull out to bring Jack back into the SGC. I’m not sure I like where this is heading. You know, the explanation Jack gives for his actions ring hollow. I never saw him as a hardcore military type (see the sarcasm and borderline insubordination ) and I still think there must be something else going on. O’Neill is a deeper character than this.

Ah, with Mayborn’s appearance the wheels start spinning. My hypothesis: Jack is acting out so he can gain access to Mayborn’s operation. We’ll see.

Man, Mayborn is an awesome villain. He plays the ‘no holds barred’ military spook to a T and the actor certainly seems to enjoy that, and who wouldn’t? Mayborn is a terrific character to play.

Seems I was right, Jack was playing a part, but why would Mayborn so quickly accept that Jack had ‘turned’? Then give him a command without any further suspicion on Mayborn’s part? Seems far fetched. Hell, if I can tell Jack is acting out of character, Mayborn should be able to as well and be suspicious. Then everything is wrapped up nicely with a bit of exposition by Hammond.

A bit cliched but Mayborn and his conspiracy have me intrigued. I’d like to see how high it goes and how ruthless they actually are.


Best Lines:

[O'Neill explains what happened on the Tollan world.]

O’Neill – “To be fair, General, I did it. Carter and Daniel protested. And Teal’c, well he really didn’t say anything but I could tell he was opposed to my actions by the way he cocked his head and sort of raised his eyebrow.”

[O'Neill visits Hammond's office and runs into the Tollans.]

O’Neill – “Come to retrieve your vastly superior stuff? You know it’d be a lot more superior if it wasn’t so easy to steal.”

[O'Neill meets the temporary commander of the unit Mayborn wants him to command, Major Newman. ]

O’Neill – “Hellooo Newman!”

[O'Neill tries to patch things up with Jackson.]

O’Neill – “I do appreciate that you were the one that came to see if I was okay. That… that means something.”

Jackson – “Ah, actually, no, it doesn’t.”

O’Neill – “Na?”

Jackson – “Um, we, ah, we drew straws. I lost.”

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