So, what did you think of the Series Premiere of FlashForward?

Overall, I liked it and will watch more. I have not read the Robert J. Sawyer book on which it was based, so I’m coming into this cold. (Perhaps for the better of my viewing enjoyment.)

Here are my thoughts after a scant one episode…


  • The show’s biggest hook was the mystery surrounding the Flash Forward event. What caused them? What’s so special about April 20th 2010? Who was the mystery man in the video?
  • Like the Robert J. Sawyer books I have read, the show posed some interesting “what if?” questions: What if people could see their future? (The impact so far seems emotional.) What if humanity shared the same experience? (It would bring them closer together.) What if you knew your (possible?) fate?
  • The characters seem interesting so far.
  • Some nice special effects and stunts. Very post-apocalyptic. Aw yeah.


  • Admittedly it’s only been one episode, but I have yet to see anybody ask an obvious question: Is the future predetermined? Seems easy to test, but I suspect it isn’t written in stone, otherwise everyone who saw themselves alive would be unable to die. In which case people could stop worrying about the future and start proactively taking steps to avoid any unwanted fate.
  • The show is currently focused on the U.S.-based FBI characters as the major authority. Wouldn’t there be a more global response team? And maybe, oh I dunno, some scientist types? I’m sure — I hope! — this is an artifact of it just being the first episode; there’s only so much you can stuff into the first hour.


  • The clues being flashed on the screen are numerous, which means much of the show is already mapped out, or predetermined, if you will. This is a good thing. However, this reduces the storytelling to piecemeal delivery toward the final goal that lies six months down the road. The pacing had better be right. If interest isn’t held up every single week, that’s gonna feel like too long a wait. It’ll be interesting to see how long the show can maintain the same immersion level as the premiere.
  • Though the characters seem interesting at first blush, they were under-drawn. This is completely understandable given the number introduced in the first 60 minutes. The trick will be to keep them interesting while the mystery culminates over the next 6 months. We’ll see.

That’s my 2 pennies jumping-the-gun. So what did you think?

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