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October 2009

Happy Halloween – Hair Rasing Hare

It’s Oct. 31st which means you’ll most likely be receiving knocks on your door this evening as various kids ask for candy from a stranger. Why not psyche yourself [...]

October 31, 2009 // 5 Comments

Classic Marvel Zombies

Caroon Brew makes with awesome and shows us that Ivan Guerrero has taken the current idea of Marvel Zombies and gone retro by zombie-fying these intros to the classic Marvel [...]

October 31, 2009 // 0 Comments

TOC: Halo Evolutions

Here’s the table of contents for the upcoming anthology Halo Evolutions, the 500+ page anthology of stories based in the Halo universe: “Beyond” by Sparth [...]

October 31, 2009 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/31/09 interviews Scott Westerfeld (Leviathan). The Berlin Film Festival will screen Fritz Lang’s original cut of Metropolis. Fantasy author Stephen Hunt to guest star [...]

October 31, 2009 // 0 Comments

WINNERS: 2009 Last Drink Bird Head Awards

The Last Drink Bird Head Awards results have been announced: Gentle Advocacy: K Tempest Bradford Tireless Energy: Rina Weisman Promotion of Reading: Susan Straub Expanding [...]

October 30, 2009 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/30/09

Interviews and Profiles If You’re Just Joining Us interviews Cherie Priest, author of Boneshaker. (podcast). The Agony Column interviews Eric Simons (podcast). The [...]

October 30, 2009 // 0 Comments

New Avatar Trailer

The new Avatar trailer was released today and this time we get about a minute and a half more of new stuff. After watching, I think it looks fantastic, though the CGI seems a [...]

October 29, 2009 // 6 Comments

GUEST REVIEW: Booklife by Jeff VanderMeer

[SF Signal welcomes the return of guest reviewer Jason Sanford!] REVIEW SUMMARY: An excellent book for writers of all levels, from beginner to seasoned veteran. MY RATING: [...]

October 29, 2009 // 0 Comments

Star Wars In Concert

George Lucas has done a lot of things to milk the Star Wars franchise for all its worth. Some good, some bad, and some awesome. Now, I’m a big Star Wars, have been [...]

October 29, 2009 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/29/09

Interviews and Profiles Writer’s Digest interviews Cory Doctorow (Makers). The Agony Column interviews Jeremy Lassen. The Sci-Fi Guys Book Review interviews James Enge. [...]

October 29, 2009 // 0 Comments

SF Tidbits for 10/28/09

Interviews and Profiles Adventures in SciFi Publishing interviews J.C. Hutchins. Dragonmount interviews Dragonmount (Wheel of Time website) creator Jason. (via Tor Books) [...]

October 28, 2009 // 0 Comments

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