What did you think of the Series Premiere of Stargate Universe?

My short answer is: I liked it wand will tune in for at least the next few episodes.

Here are my brief-but-semi-spoilery thoughts after the 2 hour series premiere:

  • We’ve seen the “Stranded group of people trying to get home” premise before. (Star Trek: Voyager and even Stargate Atlantis, right? Heck, even Gilligan’s Island.) And while that will be what primarily drives their actions in the long run, I’m anxious to see the exploration side of their journey. The premiere seems to leave lots of hope in that regard. Not only will their ship make occasional stops, but even the spaceship Destiny itself is a big unknown.
  • The characters seem complex and interesting. Sure, there are archetypes: scientist with ulterior motives; fish-out-of-water geek; loose cannon military…but they still seem realistically flawed. I’m glad to see Eli (the resident geek and court jester) being helpful, but then, I’m a geek.
  • I hope that the back story of the Ancients will continue to be a source of wonder. The back story of Destiny was enough to whet my appetite.
  • The fact that the Dr. Rush was able to somehow communicate was cool, but the off-screen happenings leave me to the obvious conclusion that he is not telling the truth. Which is all fine as far as plot setup goes, but can someone explain why the others did not force him to renew communications? They let that matter drop way too easily.
  • The shaky cam reminds me of Battlestar Galactica. But the sound heard in space does not. And, did Galactica have marble floors? Man, those Ancients knew how to build spaceships!
  • More Lou Diamond Philips, please.

That’s my 2 pennies. What did you think?

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