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The new Avatar trailer was released today and this time we get about a minute and a half more of new stuff. After watching, I think it looks fantastic, though the CGI seems a bit cartoony. But what concerns me is the story seems to be full of stereotypical elements which could lead to some heavy handed moralizing. I hope not, Cameron hasn’t typically done that in the past so that’s a good sign for Avatar. I do think I’ll be seeing this in IMAX 3D though.

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    Heavy handed moralizong? Heaven forbid:

    “According to Cameron, the story tension centers on a conflict between Earth’s “Military Industrial Complex” and the Na’vi, who are peaceful, live happily in the forest “when humans are not trampling their planet,” and ultimately “prove to be wiser than we are.” When provoked, though, they are “ferocious warriors.””

    And this:

    The Hollywood Report: You’ve mentioned this [“Avatar”] is a parable.

    Cameron: Really what this film ultimately does is hold a mirror to our own blighted history, where we have a culturally advanced civilization supplanting more “primitive” civilizations. Some of these civilizations and cultures have a lot more wisdom than we’ve shown. We just have bigger guns. We have ships that can cross oceans, we have horses and armor. And this country we’re in now was taken from its indigenous owners. And it’s kind of owning up to our own human history.


  2. This movie is, quite literally, Dances With Wolves In Space. But I could care less–it looks pretty and there are giant battlemechs. Which, in real life, would butcher the Na’Vi to the last cat-man standing no matter how many dinosaurs the Na’Vi had trained to fight for them…but, again, this movie is just a special-FX spectacular, much like 2012: who cares what the plot is as long as it provides spectacle?

  3. “And this country we’re in now was taken from its indigenous owners. And it’s kind of owning up to our own human history.”

    James, all you have to do is give up your money, let some local Indians move into your mansion, and move your self-loathing ass back to the forest.  But I guess that’s too hard for you?  You’d rather see everyone else live in the 14th century.  You sure to seem to be making a pretty good buck with the modern horrors of technology you’re exploting.

    Relativistic, moralistic bullshit.


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