SF Signal Welcomes Charles Tan!

We’re happy to announce that über-blogger Charles Tan has joined the ranks of our esteemed Irregulars!

As we like to do, we asked Charles to talk about himself in the third person. This is what he came up with:

Charles Tan’s fiction has appeared in publications such as The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories and Philippine Speculative Fiction. He has conducted interviews for The Nebula Awards and The Shirley Jackson Awards, as well as for online magazines such as SF Crowsnest and SFScope. You can visit his blog, Bibliophile Stalker, where he posts book reviews, interviews, and essays.

We’re ecstatic to have Charles on our team. Welcome, Charles! As a longtime reader, there’s no need for us to remind you that “New Guy buys everyone else bagels”. (But just in case: New Guy buys everyone else bagels!) I feel like a blueberry bagel today. With the time difference between our locations, I should be able to have it yesterday. I think.

Charles will have his hands in a little of everything around here (besides bagels). He’s already up-and-running with the latest batch of tidbits.

6 thoughts on “SF Signal Welcomes Charles Tan!”

  1. I don’t intend it to be, since I’m more of a writer-ly blog and SF Signal is more of a reader-ly blog (although there are overlaps, such as interviews and news), and as John said, we’re working out the details, but I think we’re amenable depending on what SF Signal readers want. (And of course, I’m more indulgent in links in my own blog, which includes a book plug.)

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