Description: SG-1 pays a visit to the Tok’ra homeworld. They arrive at Vorash on Cronos’ mothership – one of the spoils they claimed following their recent battle with him.

At long last we’ve reached the end of our SG-1 Watchathon. My thoughts about SG-1 can be summed up like this: the first couple of seasons were poor, with a few really terrible episodes, but season 4 is where SG-1 begins to pick up, with a couple of really standout episodes. I may just keep going as time permits and watch on my own. Hulu has through season 7 and Netflix has the rest so I should be go.

As for “Exodus”, what better way (and one SG-1 has always used) to end than with a cliffhanger? But first a little setup as Earth loans the Tok’ra the Goa’uld transport vessel SG-1 absconded with in the previous episode with the idea of moving the Tok’ra en masse to a new planet. They also must deal with Tanith, Apophis’ mole. One thing leads to another and Apophis heads towards the current Tok’ra planet with a huge fleet to destroy the Tok’ra.

Everyone books for safety except for SG-1 and Sam’s father who remain behind on the Goa’uld ship with a really big idea to destroy Apophis and his fleet: detonating the star in a supernova explosion! Two things I think SG-1 could use are more space battles and more big ideas. Exploding a star certainly fits into the later category. Of course, I could nitpick on the idea of using the stargate to connect to the planet that is being destroyed by a black hole (from and earlier episode) thus allowing the gravity through to suck mass from the sun through the stargate and causing the sun to explode, all in under an hour, as being horribly optimistic, at least on the time frame. But it’s still a really cool idea. And we almost get a space battle. Almost.

Of course things don’t necessarily go as planned as Daniel, Sam, Sam’s dad and Jack end up thousands of light-years away while escaping the supernova and Teal’c is believed to by dead. That’s a pretty big cliffhanger to end on. Nicely done.

Don’t forget, those of you who are interested, that Universe starts tomorrow night. I’m certainly interested to see what a different tone does for the Stargate idea.

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