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Trailer: Daybreakers

Post-apocalyptic vampires. Right on.

Daybreakers opens on January 8th, 2010.

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6 Comments on Trailer: Daybreakers

  1. This movie looks great- good to see Ethan Hawke back on the scene. The Daybreakers facebook page is cool too-

  2. I’m really looking foward to this. It feels like a new take on vampires… the traditional non-whiney, sun-fearing, bad-ass kind.

  3. Twilight slam ftw! :)

  4. While the movie does look pretty cool, isn’t this just The Matrix with vampires instead of machines?

  5. Your point being….? :)

  6. thumbs up for this flick. saw it up in la @a screening and def enjoyed it :)

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