Song: “2112 Overture”
Artist: Rush
Album: 2112

This week we are blessed with the arrival “2012”, the latest cinematic masterpiece from Roland “I like to blow things up” Emmerich. When I first read the title of this film, I briefly thought that someone had made a movie out of Rush’s magnum opus “2112”. Sadly this appears to be another by the numbers world catastrophe movie.

“2112” marks the beginning of the Canadian rockers most fertile period. Rush marched through the 70’s releasing one progressive rock masterpiece after the other while simultaneously inspiring countless teen-aged percussionists to construct their own 37 piece drum set.

“2112” possesses every quality that made Rush such a compelling band: crushing, Led Zeppelin inspired guitar riffs, odd time signatures, muscular drumming, athletic bass playing, and an intellectual, Sci-Fi-ish story line inspired by the writings of Ayn Rand.

I imagine that many of you who are loyal SF Signal readers are also fans of Progressive Rock. If so:

1. What is your favorite Rush album?

2. Who is your favorite progressive rock band ?

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