Song: Vampires in Love

Artist: Marvelous 3

Album: Hey Album!

Sometimes, I feel like I’ve missed my true calling in life. While I love writing and recording songs about Science Fiction and Fantasy, I think that I would be an awesome Music Supervisor for movies and TV shows. No offense to music supervisor extraordinaire Alexandra Patsavas, but she totally dropped the ball by not including this week’s Tuesday Tune in the upcoming “New Moon” soundtrack. I’ve yet to see “New Moon” or “Twilight” for that matter, but come on! The title of the song is “Vampires in Love”. It’s a no-brainer!

Actually, the “New Moon” soundtrack includes some impressive names like Death Cab for Cutie and Bon Iver, but this gem by Marvelous 3 would fit perfectly into a movie about vampires.

Marvelous 3 is one of those bands that should have been huge but were relegated to having only one minor modern rock hit with “Freak of the Week”. They were an amazing live band that featured tight, three part vocal harmonies, ripping guitar solos, and boundless energy. Singer/Guitarist Butch Walker is an incredibly talented power pop songwriter who went on to release solo albums and produce major artists like Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan.

Have you ever felt like a movie or TV show should have included a certain song? If so:

What movie was it?

What song should it have included?

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