Book Cover Smackdown! ‘Black Ships’ vs. ‘The Age of Zeus’ vs. ‘Empire in Black and Gold’

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it): Tell us which cover you like best and why.

Books shown here:

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10 thoughts on “Book Cover Smackdown! ‘Black Ships’ vs. ‘The Age of Zeus’ vs. ‘Empire in Black and Gold’”

  1. I really like the Black Ships cover but it’s a bit plain to me.  I have to say I’m diggin’ on the angry wasp-men more.  Those guys are pissed!

  2. Black Ships.  John Jude Palencar would win against most artists, hands down.  He has a much cleaner sense of design, and his textures fascinate me.

  3. I like Black Ships, too, but mostly because it’s how I saw Gull in my mind’s eye, and Jo loves it too. :-) My favorite, thought, has to be Empire in Black and Gold; I tried to read it last year, couldn’t get into it, but that cover is just so good that I’ll give it another try. The Age of Zeus is awesome, too.  

  4. It’s The Age of Zeus for me.  The juxtaposition of the head and the scene makes it interesting for me.  It’s certainly a cover that would make me stop, pick up the book and read the back.

  5. I really love the art for Black Ships, but (knowing abosoluting nothing about the book) I can’t seem to wrap my head around how the title works with the art.

    The Age of Zeus is really effective with the juxtaposition, and I like how the title separates Zeus from the military guys.

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