Friday YouTube: Intro to ‘The New Adventures of Batman’ (1977)

I have vague recollections of this train wreck, but strong recollections of wanting to eradicate the freak show that is Bat Mite.

6 thoughts on “Friday YouTube: Intro to ‘The New Adventures of Batman’ (1977)”

  1. If I remember right, Bat-Mite was an imp from the 5th Dimension (He sang along side Marilyn McCoo) just like Superman’s Mr. Mxyzptlk (or however the hell you spell his name). Unlike Mr. M, who f**ked up everything on purpose, Bat-Mite f**ked up everything accidentally.

    I hated Bat-Mite, but I would watch this show because I was compelled to watch anything with superheroes in it.

    Notice that the Riddler made a daring fashion statement in this program, deciding pink was the new green. Also notice that Batman’s flagpole twirl during the closing credits was completely superfluous. It was almost like they caught Batman while he was celebrating new-found love (possibly due to the Riddler’s new outfit).

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