Song: “I Want An Alien For Christmas”

Artist: Fountains of Wayne

Album: Out-of-State Plates

Whenever a band gets really popular, there is always that bozo within everyone’s peer group that is quick to shout: “I was into this band way before they got popular!”

Unfortunately, when it comes to Fountains of Wayne, I am that bozo.

Most people know about Fountains of Wayne through their ubiquitous 2003 single, “Stacey’s Mom”.

Prior to this success, Fountains of Wayne (named after a lawn ornament store located in Wayne, NJ) released two albums of near-perfect power pop. I actually saw them perform at this dive bar in Asbury Park, NJ in the summer of 1999 (see… I’m totally that bozo)

“I Want an Alien for Christmas” is featured on the band’s 2005 B-sides and rarities collection, Out-of-State Plates. It is classic Fountains of Wayne and makes an excellent addition to any Christmas music collection. Here is a sample lyric:

I want an alien for Christmas

Bring me an alien this year

I want a little green guy

About three feet high

With seventeen eyes

Who knows how to fly

I want an alien for Christmas this year

I hope that all of you will add this song by Fountains of Wayne to your Christmas playlist, but remember… I was into them first.

What band were you into way before everyone else?

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