Fresh from the mega-hit that was the original Star Wars (no Episode IV, no New Hope), George Lucas decided to extend the Star Wars brand in ways no one had seen before. No, not collectible glasses from Burger King, but with a Star Wars themed ‘Holiday’ special.

Little did we know that this was just a taste of the awfulness that resides deep in Lucas’ heart, which would bring us Ewoks, Jar Jar, Anakin’s dialog and pretty much the entire prequel series. But all that was mercifully in the future when CBS shocked the viewing public with two hours of singing, dancing and Bea Arthur. Long unavailable in any form, the Star Wars Holiday Special can be found around the web on various video sites so it’s horribleness will no longer go unremembered.

And we’re bringing it to you, our fine SF Signal readers. We hope you ‘enjoy’ this trip into the past of Star Wars and we hope you have a truly wonderful and merry Christmas!

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