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James Cameron’s Avatar has certainly kicked off a new craze, in the studios at least, for movies to be shown in 3D. As Darth Duff explains on the Suvudu blog this is really a matter of money (as 3D/3D IMAX tickets cost more than regular tickets) rather than a matter of artistic vision. The list of big name movies that will be released in 3D, even though they weren’t shot that way, is impressive: Alice In Wonderland, Clash Of The Titans and The Death Hallows. I have to wonder what 3D brings to these movies if they weren’t shot with 3D in mind. I’m guessing nothing other than a blatant attempt to separate my money from my wallet. Thanks, but no.

Duff goes a bit further and answers the question “What movie would have been better in 3D?” His answer is Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Now, I haven’t seen Avatar so I don’t really know what the 3D brings to that movie, which was designed for 3D cameras, but Duff’s explanation makes a lot of sense. I’m thinking Raiders could make an entertaining 3D movie, but in general I’m of the opinion that movies would have to be created with 3D in mind to get the best effect. Otherwise you’d get Count Floyd.

What do you think, does 3D bring anything useful to the table for films? If so, what classic SF/F films do you think would make good candidates for the 3D treatment? I’m thinking the part in Ghostbusters where the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man explodes might be a good choice for 3D…

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